Crabs are independent beginner swimmers learning foundation swimming skills. This is our first Teacher and Child level for beginners. We focus on conditioning children to feel comfortable in the water and basic swimming techniques.

What are Crabs?

  • Independent beginner swimmers
  • Small group class of 4
  • Can swim without a parent in the water
  • Basic understanding of water
  • May not have had lessons before
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What happens in a Crab swimming lesson?

  • Lots of songs, activities and games to make learn to swim fun
  • Breath control and submersion development
  • Teaching kicking techniques and self-propulsion through the water with eyes down
  • Developing mobility and buoyancy skills through independent kicking, paddling and floating

We encourage as much independent swimming as possible to ensure your child is getting the most out of each lesson. By the time your child is ready to move up the Octopus swimming level, they will be able to independently kick, paddle and submerge to their teacher.

  • I can accept water
  • I can blow bubbles
  • I can jump and submerge independently
  • I am comfortable swimming without a parent in the water
  • I can comfortably float on my back with little support
  • I am comfortable swimming without a parent in the water
  • I can propel myself through water using my arms and kicks
  • I can swim to a teacher unassisted for 5-7 metres
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