Our Tadpole toddler swimming lessons cover basic movements, breathing fundamentals and builds confidence. Your child will explore the water and develop confidence with you in the water through fun activities and games.

What are Tadpoles?

  • Aged 2-3 years
  • Swimming kids with independent mobility
  • Bonding with Mum or Dad in the water — toddler swimming lessons
  • Basic mobility and breath control skills
  • Small group class of 4 to 6
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What happens in a Tadpole swimming lesson?

  • Lots of songs, activities and games to make learn to swim fun for you and your child
  • Extending breath control, submersion and independent mobility skills through activities such as dolphins, humpty dumpty and jelly on the plate
  • Learning to kick and reach using balls
  • Learning breath control techniques and preparing to submerge your swimming baby when you are both ready
  • Developing mobility and buoyancy skills through independent kicking, paddling and floating

The Tadpole level is the receiver class from both the Duck and Goldfish swimming classes. We practice a lot of independent swimming in the Tadpole class to extend your child’s confidence and get them ready for the Crab level, which is the first Teacher and Child level for beginners.

What do we focus on in the Tadpole class?

  • I can accept water
  • I can hold my breath for a minimum of 5 seconds
  • I can float and kick on my back with support
  • I am comfortable with water on my face
  • I can blow bubbles
  • I have basic arm movements which can propel me through the water
  • I am able to kick my legs on cue
  • I can independently swim to a teacher or parent
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