Our Marlin stroke development class prepares children for pre-squad. Children learn all four strokes in this class and gain endurance swimming the length of the pool.

What are Marlins?

  • Very confident independent swimmers
  • Small group class of 5
  • Can produce strong freestyle and backstroke over 15 metres unassisted
  • Can produce breaststroke kick
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What happens in a Marlin stroke development lesson?

  • Lots of fun activities and games to make learn to swim fun
  • Continue improving stroke development technique in freestyle and backstroke t
  • Learning butterfly and breaststroke
  • Developing endurance
  • Learning butterfly and breaststroke

When your child graduates from the Marlin class, they will be confidently swimming all four strokes and ready to move into a pre-squad program at another facility.

  • I am a very confident independent swimmer
  • I can swim laps of the pool consecutively without stopping
  • I can swim all four strokes
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