Frogs learn bilateral breathing, freestyle and backstroke skills in this stroke development class. The children in the Frog class really begin to swim independently and gain a lot of confidence.

What are Frogs?

  • Confident independent swimmers
  • Small group class of 4
  • Can produce basic freestyle arms and backstroke kicking unassisted
  • Can swim to a teacher easily propelling themselves through the water
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What happens in a Frog swimming lesson?

  • Lots of fun activities and games to make learn to swim fun
  • Backstroke and freestyle skill development
  • Independent bilateral breathing activities

Once your child can produce bilateral breathing and backstroke unassisted, they will be ready to learn new strokes in the Stingray class.

  • I am a confident independent swimmer
  • I can keep my eyes down whilst blowing bubbles for a minimum of 5 seconds whilst moving through the water
  • I can streamline kick through the water independently
  • I am able to do bilateral breathing with my freestyle arms and with a kickboard
  • I can produce freestyle with my bilateral breathing without a kickboard
  • I am able to complete backstroke with a kickboard
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