Investment range $170,000 - $325,000t

Looking for a business you will love operating or owning? Looking for a franchise with a low entry and clearly defined point of difference? Looking for a franchise with high margins and low competition?

Our small 2000 - 3000sqm footprint ensures low breakevens and fast return of capital. Contact us to look at opportunities in your local community.

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Boutique center

Looking for the future of industry? Away from busy overcrowded swim centers, comes a swim school designed with less distractions and greater personal attention.

Small footprint

From $170k entry and using retail spaces from as low as 1700 sqft, your required student number remains extremely low with our boutique franchise concept.


A long-term investment in a business requires a long-term sustainable product. Swim lessons will be needed for generations to come and with our point of difference being a smaller, boutique experience - we are well-positioned to become market leader